Medical Reform UK

Medical reform refers to reform of the process in which the deceased’s normal GP would sign cremation paperwork relating illnesses and addresses etc which is then verified by a second practicing GP before the Funeral Director can proceed with any preparations for visiting. To obtain a GP and then a second GP to verify (and they must discuss the patient with one another) the paperwork sometimes can take 3-5 working days. This often delays procedure.

In 2011, a reform of this procedure was proposed and pilot schemes were put in place. As an industry we have heard little else from this, other than in 2014 and 2016 we were told it was coming soon. Now, in 2020, we are still waiting and families are still being distressed at the waiting period, often now hitting 4-6 working days, before both Drs can attend and sign paperwork. The proposed scheme was a team of retired GPs covering a region and discussing the patient with their most recently visited GP (less time consuming for the GP) then attending as the second Dr at the Funeral home. This was proposed to happen within 48 hours which would massively expedite procedure.

Our biggest question is ‘where is this up to and when will this happen?’

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