Covid 19 and Restricted Services

Funerals are being heavily restricted and we are not able to offer the service that we wish we could, that we normally do. As a small independent company we take great pride in providing a family run family based service and that is exactly what our ethos is. We look after people in a terrible situation.

The current Covid19/Coronavirus situation is restricting our service in several ways and it isnt what we would like to provide. We are working very hard to do our very best and make the service as close to what families would have liked, as we possibly can. We are taking video, photographs and taking time on the telephone to comfort people and put them at ease, that the service will be one of some worth.

With almost 60% of our workforce isolating, vulnerable or unable to work for various reasons, we are working very hard to ensure we have all the correct ppe, personnel and paperwork in place to achieve as much of a funeral service as can be done.

Many funeral directors are not offering chapel visiting or bespoke booklets now that our service is restricted. WE are proudly continuing to offer as much as we can within the constraints to make it what you would like it to be.

There is a lot of contradiction between organisations as to what the compliant ppe should be and the government and associations arent always in alignment with protocols and procedures.

There could be a lot of government and council agencies that look back in hindsight and learn a lot about their infrastructure that needs improvement and more efficient pandemic planning.

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