Covid-19 Conspiracies

Covid-19 appears to be coming out of it’s peak. So we are told by the powers that be. We here haven’t noticed a massive difference in deaths or workload to indicate it but perhaps it’ in the percentage that is deemed to be due to Covid-19 rather than the overall rate of death.

I don’t doubt there is something that caused a spike in deaths and something highly contagious (heaven knows we have all here worn Hazmat suits,masks, visors and gloves then sprayed down vehicles and premises with a chlorine/alcohol concoction enough times). It would seem at the front line however, that the numbers are showing a bias towards or away from Covid-19 depending on political agenda.

For example, in the beginning, there was a lot of fear, fear based decisions and panic mongering present. Doctors and Coroners alike were told to sign a lot of deaths as Covid-19, sometimes without any real evidence at times that it was present. A video link appointment 28 days ago does not really discern the cause of death well. However, the political agenda was fear and to ensure everybody stayed home to reduce the rate of the infection and subsequent strain on the NHS. All of that is very real. Anybody conspiracy theorizing otherwise needed to be at ground level and not locked down at home. So we have Doctors and Coroners signing deaths as Covid-19 due to the overall volume of deaths in a short period and without massive investigation into a lot of them. I would say it is fair to claim that a number of deaths that would have happened anyway, were placed on the broad shoulders of Corona Virus.

In contrast, the public is now fed up of the novelty of staying at home, we have civil unrest and it would be impossible to police with great firmness, the lockdown that for some was never truly a lock down anyway. The job had been done, the NHS strain saved and the spread reduced and slowed to a manageable rate. So now we want the public to come back out, leave behind their fear and move towards kick starting the economy. Now we are seeing deaths that families have said was suspected as Covid-19, be clearly marked as non infectious. This, despite family members saying they couldn’t visit and they were on a ventilator. Surely that adds up to Covis-19 and should be treated as such in the handling of everything afterwards.

We are told numbers are reducing, it is safe to return to work and shops, the political agenda is now very different. The only real conspiracy theory here is that the numbers are skewed based on the current political agenda.

As a human race we have learned nothing from Corona Virus. It’s cause. How to behave in life and death situations. Looking after your neighbour and so on. Everybody will return to being selfish, not looking out for the environment and having this deathly relationship with mass manufactured meats of all kind.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some amazing stories of people looking after those vulnerable during the pandemic but the big picture does not look good on a grand worldwide scale.