Why Should I Only Use An Independent?

Being independent in the funeral trade means that a funeral director is family owned and run by local people who have served the community, often for generations.  We are proudly in our 7th generation of family run funeral services and care about the people we serve as our neighbours and local community.  Big corporate groups are run by prioritising efficiency and profit margins and cannot offer the same personal service.

How does this relate to the service supplied to you?

Independent funeral directors feel that they offer a more personal service to the local community in which they too reside.

Larger corporations that operate under their brand name or often under the name of a family firm they have purchased, have shareholders to answer to, operate with a cold business like efficiency and commission sales, not to mention their much higher prices comparative to independents.

We believe that we truly will go further and and do extra if it means that the funeral is exactly how the family wish it to be, whether that be regarding choice of music, small details on the day or any other unique personalisation of the funeral.

Some large international corporations in the early and mid nineties purchased many independent family funeral directors, maintaining the family name, thus deceiving the general public as to ultimate ownership.

In an attempt to improve the awareness of independent funeral directors to the public and to strive for improved services, several independents formed a trade association in the early 90’s solely for the independent funeral director, this association is named SAIF : Society for Allied Independent Funeral Directors and strict codes of conduct have to be complied with by all members or membership is disallowed.