Registration Procedure
The GP or Hospital Dr will email a medical certificate to the registrar who will then call the family to verify the details and ensure they are satisfied wth the stated cause of death. The registrar will ask the family who the funeral director is and where the service will take place.
A death certificate will be posted to the family.
The green form will be emailed to the funeral service provider (crematorium or cemetery) and in some situations, to the funeral director (private churchyard etc)

Dr Cremation Forms
Form 4, or Part 1 of the Dr cremation forms will be completed by the GP or a GP that has seen the deceased within 28 days or that works with a GP that has seen them within 28 days. The GP does not need to attend the deceased after death at all. Some GP are then sending the form to us or emailing the form to us. The crematorium require a scanned copy of the real signature or a printout of the email showing the email it came from if it is a printed signature. Hospital Doctors are proving the form with the deceased upon collection. We need to ensure we make note of the Dr and address for a separate BACS/Cheque form

Hospital Release Forms
Hospital release forms can be signed by the FD or Adobe Sign signed. IF the FD signs then the phone number must be present for the family so that the hospital can call them as we collect to confirm their designated FD.

Crematorium / arrangement forms
Preliminary and full application forms are digital and being sent for digital signatures where computers are accessible. They are very easy to use and sign by the customer, they receive an email and a file that opens with a signature box. They sign and agree and press return. This comes back to us and we print it to be delivered with the Dr forms. We are also doing this with the arrangement forms to limit contact. For this we are using a verified commercial software called Adobe Sign which provides an audit trail of email addresses and ip numbers, this is printed and must be delivered with the paperwork to the crematorium.

Crematorium Bookings
All crematorium bookings are now being taken online and currently 2 weeks ahead.

Funeral Arrangements
We are advised that any COVIS19 victim funerals must wait 14 days if family are attending from the same household, to ensure they dnt carry the virus

Arrangements have numerous restrictions in what we can provide
-NO limousine
-Minimum staff on the day (no full pall bearing)
-We have currently restricted order of service to simple booklets (no inserts or multi image collages)
-Chapel visiting is possible if not a COVID19 victim: visiting must be 2 at a time and only if from the same household. Coffin and door handles to be disinfected immediately afterwards
-We aim to take photographs and video where possible and allowable to email to the family within a day or two, free of charge

Southport Crem
5-10 attendees absolute max
Can provide a recording of the service FREE of charge but cannot live stream
Accept emailed forms if packaged together
Accept printed forms with audit trail

West Lancs Crem
5-10 attendees absolute max
Can provide live streaming for £30
Cannot currently provide recording of the service
Accept printed forms with audit trail

Liverpool CIty Crems
5 attendees
Accept printed forms by FD or with audit trail

5 attendees
Accept printed forms y FD or with audit trail