These are essentially fees that we pay on your behalf.  These include all documentation fees, minister fees, organist fees, and any other incidental expenses incurred on your behalf. This means that almost any requirement you have can be ordered on your behalf and paid by us.  This is then passed onto you as part of the overall funeral account. This means you don’t have various bills to various people, just one account with us for everything.

For the purpose of the estimate, the funeral director will approximate the cost of various disbursements. However, we have no direct control over these charges and they are subject to variation. Should there be any major variation, we will inform you before proceeding.

Typical disbursements for a simple funeral might be the crematorium fee, minister fee and fees for Doctors to complete cremation forms.  Disbursements for burials become more complicated and would require a conversation with a Funeral Director to ascertain which fees are necessary as there are several variations.

We will gladly offer an estimate to you based on your requirements and this will always include disbursements so that there are no hidden extras to pay for.

Local disbursements can be found on P2 of the pdf if you click here