We offer monumental masonry work.  New inscriptions to existing headstones or new headstones and also renovation and cleaning of existing inscriptions.

If you are undecided as to what memorialisation options are available, call or email us to discuss the options and costs.


Interment of Ashes
Options for burying ashes are very similar to those for scattering. They can be buried at a local churchyard, public cemeteries allow purchase of half graves specifically for ashes and of course ashes can be buried in your own garden or strewn at sea. Burying ashes can be more costly than scattering, with grave fees, ministers fees, church fees and then memorial stones. This does, however, give a place for family to visit long after the funeral.

Alternate Options
There are many alternate options for ashes and they can be much broader than you might first imagine.
  Options range from utilising a small amount of ashes to create a 24% lead crystal, custom blown glass item, such as a paperweight, vase, or necklace keepsake. Other items created from some of the ashes, are jewellery, with guaranteed certified diamond content or a custom made fireworks display or even flown into space or scattered from thousands of feet from an aeroplane.


Keeping Hold of the Ashes
You can keep hold of the ashes yourself or we can hold the ashes until you make that final decision.  
Ashes can also be transferred to other crematoria for scattering, interment or split into smaller mini-urns for keepsakes or for other members of family who may live abroad.


Prepaid Funeral Plans

Dean Brothers are Golden Charter prepaid funeral plan representatives offering bespoke prepaid funeral plans

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