Flowers are traditionally the most silent but visible sign of your emotion and respect for the deceased and their family. After the funeral, we can return to you the flower cards and take the tributes to a destination of your choice so that they may be appreciated by others.


Placing an announcement in the local or national newspaper serves two useful objectives. To make sure that anyone wishing to attend the funeral is able to, by informing relatives and friends of the service time and place. Secondly, to reduce the chance of an embarrassing encounter after the funeral with an uninformed friend or neighbour.  We can assist you with writing the notice and place it with the newspaper of your choice.


Relatives and friends attending the funeral come to pay their respects, but also to support and help the family of the deceased. Service sheets, containing order of service and hymns of your own choice, may be required. Our team will distribute them on the day of the funeral and those attending may retain them as a memento.  These have become a very large part of funerals in recent years and we have a team that can scan,edit and create multiple image collages for you.  This makes it a truly personal and unique item that can be designed to reflect your loved one’s personality.  


On occasions, family flowers only are requested. Donations may then be requested, payable to a charity of your choice. We collect the donations on your behalf, forwarding them to you after ample time has lapsed, listing the donors and the grand total in writing.  Choose a charity that reflects your loved one or that is close to their heart.


Relatives and friends offer their support in many ways; floral tributes, donations and sympathy cards. A certain need may be to thank them for their support. We can arrange for personally printed condolence cards, letters or an acknowledgement in a local or national newspaper.


At the time of making the funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to realise the emotional benefit that is gained after the funeral by having somewhere to go.  A place that your family can return to, knowing that a loved one is there. It has been acknowledged that having a place to visit after the funeral may assist the grieving process. Today, most cemeteries, local churchyards and crematoria offer the facility of small graves that can be purchased, solely for cremated remains. These gardens of remembrance may be visited by families and allow you to pay your respects and mark the grave with a small headstone.

In recent years there have become many numerous options for strewing, interring and memorialising cremated remains.  They range from small amounts of the remains being hand blown into unique jewellery items, strewn at sea, photo frame urns, fireworks displays and the more traditional interring within church grounds or personal locations.


At the time of making the funeral arrangements, it is not always necessary to determine what your future memorial requirements will be. When the funeral has taken place, it can take some months, depending on the condition of the ground, before the grave will be ready to take the original or a new headstone.

With each and every memorial we will give you a complete itemisation of the work recommended to be carried out. When a new memorial is required, we will fully discuss your requirements and advise you as to the costings and time frame for completion.  We will assist and advise as to the correct forms to be completed and submit them on your behalf.