Useful Links

We have a collection of useful links below for various subjects within the wider umbrella of grief. We understand too well how difficult it can be to reach out and look for help, the fact you are here is a step in the right direction:

Grief support

NHS bereavement support

CRUSE bereavement support

The Loss Foundation Support groups

Grief Journey

SAIF Care through Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors

Counselling Support

Below are links to councellors that can assist you when navigating grief

Grief Journey


Child Bereavement

Losing a child or assisting children in their coping with grief or explaining the complexities of grief and death and funerals to a child can be the most difficult time, the links below may help you:

Net Mums support groups

CHUMS bereavement support and mental well being

SANDS support for still born babies

Baby Centre support for still born babies


Below are some books that can be helpful when grieving

Look To The Mourning Sky by Elizabeth Newman
It’s OK That You’re Not OK by Megan Devine

Links for Payment Assistance

Government pages for assistance with funeral payments

Government pages for assistance with financial support after a death

DIY probate assistance

Useful follows on Instagram or Twitter

Some of the accounts below can provide useful anecdotal support and advice