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Bereavement Support

NHS bereavement support
Grief Share Support Groups
Cruse Bereavement Care
Helpguide Coping with Grief


Counselling Support

Counselling Directory


Children Bereavement – support for families of children suffering grief and of children who have passed away

Child Bereavement



Still Born Bereavement
NHS support

Baby Centre



Payment Assistance and Eligibility

UK government
UK government additional advise and eligibility
NHS advise
probate assistance  
DIY probate information
Probate Wizard



Funeral Catering in the Formby area

The lunch Hour catering services
Formby Golf Club, Freshfield
Formby Hall Golf Resort
The Freshfield
The Gild Hall, Church Road
Don Luigi Restaurant
Master McGrath’s near Southport Crematorium
Morris Dancers  near Southport Crematorium




Derbyshires Flowers
Flower Style by Laurie
The Bloom Room
June’s The Florist