Prepaid Funeral Plans


We offer a range of funeral plans that cater for all needs from the simplest funeral to as elaborate as you would like.

All of our plans are based on our prices today, not set by a corporation or by anyone else.

Our plans are handled by Financial Services Accredited Golden Charter, who are the biggest independent funeral plan provider in the UK.  They are completely bespoke and not set packages, giving you the peace of mind and the freedom of choice to upgrade or downgrade any service or item within the funeral.  This means things are exactly how you would like them and you don’t pay for any services that you don’t want.

Plan prices vary accordingly as below and start from £1607.

This is a new service within the funeral industry and is simply a collection, care of your loved one within our chapels followed by transporting to the crematorium at 830 in the morning.  There is no funeral service or hearse or other involvements and is often referred to as a ‘direct to crem’ service.  £1358 plus GC admin fee of £249

This is a complete funeral service with the minimum service and an early time at a local crematorium.  To be able to state a price we have made certain assumptions about the service which would be family led. £2411 including disbursements plus GC fee of £249

This is a complete funeral service with many optional items included and can be very extensive compared to a simple funeral at the crematorium.  £3504 plus GC admin fee of £249


A funeral can be so much more complicated than a simple preset package and we would be only be too glad to offer a no obligation chat at our offices with a cup of coffee to discuss your requirements and what can be put into place with our plans, payment schemes and services.  This can be in as much or as little detail as you would like, giving you complete peace of mind that everything is right.

Complete our form below and we will email or post you an information pack. Alternatively, use the live chat system to your right to chat to a friendly Funeral Director.